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Winter F.A.Q.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

1. Do I really get to drive my own dog team?

YES! 99% of our clients have never stepped foot on a dog sled before. With the proper instruction, environment, and encouragement, a truly amazing experience is waiting... At Arctic Dog Adventure Co. guests drive their own small dog teams made up of 3-6 dogs, depending on your weight. We have taught people from 9 to 89 years old how to drive their own dog teams. Your knees must work and you must have two hands. You must be able to hop up if you fall down. Be prepared to tip over and not let go of the sled! If you are concerned about your ability to drive the sled, please give us a call. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!

2. How do you remember all your dog’s names?

Easy !! Each dog is an individual with its own unique personality and character traits. A lot of our dogs are related and look very similar, but we have known almost all since birth (Sunshine, Rusja & Wiluna were born in Ohio and Finland, respectively) and have no trouble telling who's who. Once you meet all the dogs and get to know them, they are easy to tell apart! </