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We are an adventure company that specializes in multi-day tours in remote locations. Drive your own dog sled and enjoy mountain cabins, hot tent camping, or off-grid natural hot springs. 

Alaska is famed for its wildly romantic landscapes. Picture giant mountains, endless valleys, powerful frozen rivers, sparkling meadows of snow, enchanting forests of birch and spruce – and you and your own dog team traveling through it all. Our state is vast and home to an unbelievably diverse array of landscapes. From the Alaskan Arctic to the Iditarod Trail, we have a multi-day dog sledding adventure for you!

Whether you want to go on an overnight trip or spend seven days exploring the backcountry, we have something for everyone. Our trips are perfect for first-timers as well as experienced adventurers who want to take their dog sledding skills up a level. There are many reasons why people choose us for their Alaskan dog sledding adventure, but here are a few favorites…we offer personalized service, high-quality equipment, guides certified in wilderness safety, unique access to remote Alaskan backcountry, and most importantly, well-trained, well-loved Siberian Huskies!

Check out our complete list of extraordinary experiences below!



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