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Leaving from Fairbanks, our Arctic Circle tours are a great way to experience the majesty and magic of the Alaskan Arctic beyond the dotted line. Arctic Alaska is mostly undeveloped and is one of the last few roadless wilderness areas to be explored in America. 

Experience the magic of the Arctic in April, with long days, lingering sunsets, snow-capped mountains, hidden mammoth tusks, migrating caribou, and shimmering spring aurora on our 5-day Arctic dog sledding adventures. 

Our tours from Fairbanks, in Interior Alaska, take you north along the infamous Dalton Highway and across the Arctic Circle to Wiseman, a historic mining community nestled in the heart of the Brooks Range.

Our destination is an off-grid boutique wilderness retreat center situated between the mountains of Gates of the Arctic National Park and the banks of the Koyukuk River in the historic gold rush community of Wiseman, Alaska. Here, in this spectacular location, is where we will base the next few days of dog sledding.


Every journey is unique and one-of-a-kind. With the changing climate and continual alteration of the landscape, these are trips you will not want to wait to experience.


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