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Dog sledding in the Gate of the Arctic


Experience the magic of the Arctic in April, with long days, lingering sunsets, snow-capped mountains, mammoth tusks, migrating caribou, and shimmering spring aurora. Our Arctic Circle tours are an incredible way to experience the majesty of Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. 

Long spring days invite intrepid dog sledders to explore the stunning treeless landscapes of the Itikmalik River of the Brooks Range, far above the Arctic Circle.


Explore the tundra and creek valleys surrounding our Arctic camp, situated just outside Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. Play in the shadows of the rugged Brooks Range mountains and search for dropped caribou antlers on our daily forays into and around the Park.  If we are lucky, the sun will shine bright late into the evening, inviting long lunches with warm afternoon naps on the sleds, and fresh outdoor dinners with sunglasses still needed.


After sundown, watch the aurora swirl through the late evening twilight, dancing overhead in the giant Arctic sky.


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Your accommodation for this trip is a heated Alaskan tent called an "Arctic Oven." This is Alaskan "glamping" -- a truly comfortable winter camping experience.


The Arctic Ovens can accommodate two people per tent with two twin beds. The beds are equipped with winter-rated sleeping pads and sleeping bags. 


The Arctic Oven is heated by a small stove, lit with twinkle lights, and has room for gear storage at the end of the bed.


With 9x9x7 foot dimensions, you can even stand up inside! 


We did the Arctic Circle Basecamp tour with Arctic Dog Adventure Co. It was an amazing trip! The remoteness and beauty of the area were stunning. Lisbet and Nils were great hosts and took good care of us. Definitely a trip we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.


Literally the coolest trip of my life in the Arctic! Lisbet is amazing for her great energy and for sharing her dogs with us!

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