Ecotourism is an ecologically sustainable approach to business. It is small-scale, low impact, compatible with the environment, educational, and provides benefits to local economies. At Arctic Dog Adventure Co., we have a genuine interest in taking care of our guests, our community, and the distinctive landscapes of northern Alaska.  By educating our guests about sustainable travel by dog team, ski, and foot, we hope to inspire a love and appreciation for the remarkable nature and history of Alaska.

We thrive in the elements and work closely with nature in both our lifestyle and our business. To us, ecotourism is about offering our clients a responsible, authentic Alaskan experience. Travel by dog team is an ideal way to realize 

this.  Sled dogs have been part of the northern landscape for millennia. Their thick fur, tough pads and an indomitable desire to pull make them perfect companions in northern travel and exploration.


Our dogs are the heart and soul of our operation. We pride ourselves on offering our furry friends the highest standard of dog care possible. Guests who visit us will meet dogs that are happy and content. It brings us great joy to share our love and respect for our dogs with others. The quality and uniqueness of the nature-based adventures we can create in partnership with our dogs is truly incredible !  


We are the first dog sledding company in Alaska to be certified by Adventure Green Alaska as a Sustainable Tourism Business, meaning we practice economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability. We pride ourselves in offering dog sled tours of the highest quality, while also striving to lessen our impact on our environment.


“We respectfully acknowledge the Dena people on whose traditional lands we reside on. We honor the Dena who have been the stewards of Interior lands and waters for centuries, the Elders who lived here before, the Dena people of today, and future generations to come. We also recognize that Alaskan Native people would traditionally gather here and harvest Native foods." 

                                                                                                                     Happy Trails,

                                                                                                                            Lisbet & Nils