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Hike with huskies through the boreal forest of Interior Alaska. 

Welcome to our off-grid Alaskan homestead & kennel!


After a brief tour of the kennel, we will introduce you to our yard of 47 Siberian Huskies. Choose your own hiking buddy for the day. They are all so sweet -- it's a tough decision! You will learn to harness your husky, and then together we will embark on a nature walk through the old-growth boreal forest that surrounds the homestead. The dogs will demonstrate their pulling instincts as they help you up the hill. We will point out wildflowers, trees, and animals on our walk up to the top of the ridge, where vast panoramic views of the Chatanika River Valley and the White Mountains await. 


We will sit on top of the ridge and enjoy a snack before we descend back down through the cranberry bushes and ferns to the kennel. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to learn about Siberian Huskies, the natural history of Alaska, sled dogs, the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, and off-grid living.

To book, select a date in the calendar below 👇

Large groups (7+) or families with children under 10 please call/ text +1(907) 841-4694 or email us directly to book. 

  • Season: June-October

  • Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Custom times are available upon request. 

  • Price: $99 per person.

  • Duration: 2-3 hours from arrival to departure.

  • Length: 2-4 miles.

  • Kids OK? Yes! 

  • Max 6 Participants: Larger groups please inquire via phone or email.

  • Transportation: We do not provide transportation. Taxi and Uber/Lyft are $200+ roundtrip. We recommend renting a car for anyone visiting Fairbanks for more than a day.


✔ Hands-on Kennel Tour (pet the dogs!)

✔ Learn to put a sled dog harness on a husky

✔ 2-3 mile Guided Husky Hike with your own dog.

✔ Home-baked (human) treats

✔ Local spring water for water bottles

✔ Scenic mountain views

✔ Experienced Alaskan Guide


X Transportation to/from the kennel

X Water bottles

X Hiking Boots

X Bug spray



Dec 11 - Dec 17
















The 2-3 mile hike is moderate, with steep sections at the beginning and end (300 feet of elevation gain/descent within 1 km).


1/3 of the hike is uphill, 1/3 flat, 1/3 downhill.


The ground is uneven, with multiple roots, ruts, and rocks to avoid. Your husky will help you up the hill, but will also pull you back down it as well. Anticipate a downhill pull, which can be hard on knees and backs. If you feel uncomfortable on the downhills, please ask your guide for assistance or for a break.


It is also ok to hike without a husky.

Happy Husky Hikers


Kids LOVE this adventure (and we love kids!). This trip is suitable for families with children of all ages.


Children under 6 are not allowed in the dog yard (we will bring the dogs to them). Babies must come with a backpack carrier. We may have small kids and parents "share" a dog -- the dogs pull quite a bit! 

To have the best time ever on this experience, we ask families with children under 10 book a private trip, at no additional cost. That way we can tailer the experience to best suit the pace and mood of the kids and adults involved.


To book:

Option 1: Select a date with "6 spots available" and note that you have small kids on the booking form.

Option 2: Contact us directly by phone 1-907-841-4694 (text is OK) or email:


My wife and I did the Husky Hike with Lisbet. It was a lot of fun. She was a very friendly and knowledgable. We got to select the dog we wanted to hike with and then we went on our hike. About half way through we stopped and she gave us hot tea and a homemade muffin. The views were awesome too. The whole experience was incredible.

— Cody, September 2021


Lisbet is a wonderful guide that gave us great insider information to better experience Fairbanks. Her history of the area and love of the land is evident in the passionate way she speaks. She truly cares for the animals and takes great care to ensure they live incredibly happy/fulfilled lives. I highly recommend booking a tour, you will not be disappointed!

— Maddy C

This was an AMAZING activity! I’m not in shape, so I was huffing and puffing, but it was beautiful! Definitely book this experience if you have even the slightest love for dogs. I got Yksi, and she was pretty mellow, which is good for my pace. Lisbet is a wealth of information about the area and the history of sled dogs, and she’s genuinely interested in her guests’ hometowns, so it was wonderful to have conversation with her. She gave us homemade rhubarb muffins at the top of the ridge and they were to die for! Overall a wonderful value.

— Ashley, August 2021


Lisbet is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and passionate about the mushing lifestyle. She is personable and easy to talk to and feels like an old friend. Her dogs were lovely and full of enthusiasm and joy. They clearly love Lisbet and working with her. My family really enjoyed meeting the dogs and having the opportunity to select our own companion for our hike through the wilderness (for me, this was my favorite part of the experience, but also the most challenging…I didn’t want to leave anyone behind!). All of the dogs were ready and excited for their walk in the woods as they eagerly pranced about while we harnessed and readied them for the adventure to come. I definitely recommend booking this experience with Lisbet. She has a long, impressive family history working with Siberian huskies and it’s so much fun hearing about her experiences while traversing through the woods with a husky leading you through the lovely terrain. Oh! And the cookies Lisbet made were delicious.”

— Sarah,  June 2022

Lisbet is super knowledgeable and full of great information about the area and the dogs and just about anything else you'd like to know. She clearly cares about all the dogs, and the experience was really fun. The dog I picked was a sweetheart. The views on the hike were gorgeous. Definitely recommend!

— Dima, August 2022


If you ever visit Alaska you need to do this experience. It was such an amazing time. We got to interact with all of the dogs and gain a connection with the perfect husky for us and take them with us on a hike. Lisbet was an amazing host and super sweet, knowledgeable, and very well organized. You can truly see how much they care about their huskies. On a side note, there is alot of mosquitoes so just make sure to bring your bug spray, but don’t let this stray you away from doing this because you are missing out if you pass it up. I 100% recommend this to anyone traveling here. You won’t be sorry!”

— Ashley, June 2022 

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