Join the team

Fielding a Yukon Quest and Iditarod race team takes determination, hard work, dedication, a love of dogs, but above all, teamwork. The support and generosity of team sponsors make it possible for Arctic Dog Adventure Co. & Alaskan Kennels to field a top-level AKC registered Siberian Husky race team. Although there are different levels of sponsorship, we welcome contributions of all kinds. Whether you sponsor a dog or send some booties our way, your contribution to the team is very much appreciated!

The Annual Dog Sponsorship Program

Every summer, this program allows fans to pick one of the dogs in the Wild and Free Mushing Kennel as “their own” for the race and touring seasons. The money raised helps to cover many race expenses, Kennel operations, food and other health supplies that are needed to get through the season. These dogs eat and run a lot, so they need the best care and attention. As a Dog Sponsor, you get your name on the Wild and Free Mushing website and some Wild and Free Mushing promo material as a thank you for your support (gifts change annually), but most of all, an amazing canine athlete will be thankful. Some fans choose to sponsor the same dog year-after-year so they can watch their dog’s progression, others wait for the new puppy litters so they can sponsor a new dog each year. Either way, the Wild and Free Mushing team is thankful for your support.  It’s a great honor to work with these dogs every year and do what we do, and thanks to fans like you, we get the opportunity to can continue on this great path.

There are different sponsorship levels depending on where the dog is at in his or her racing career. We also adjust our dog sponsorship program to ensure the maximum number of individual sponsors and a wide variety of sponsorship levels.  Whether it is a Retired dog or a veteran dog, the support is very helpful and allows our “human” team to spend as much time as possible with the dogs, which equals more success for the team!