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Ecotourism is an ecologically sustainable approach to business. It is small-scale, low impact, compatible with the environment, educational, and provides benefits to local economies. At Arctic Dog Adventure Co., we have a genuine interest in taking care of our guests, our community, and the distinctive landscapes of northern Alaska.  By educating our guests about sustainable travel by dog team, ski, and foot, we hope to inspire a love and appreciation for the remarkable nature and history of Alaska.


We are the first dog sledding company in Alaska to be certified by Adventure Green Alaska as a Sustainable Tourism Business, meaning we practice economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability. We pride ourselves in offering dog sled tours of the highest quality, while also striving to lessen our impact on our environment.

Anadyr Siberian Husky

We operate the Fairbanks branch of the oldest Siberian Husky kennel in the world -- Alaskan Kennels -- home of the Anadyr Siberian Husky (Anadyr is pronounced "Anna-deer"). 

The heart of our operation, our beautiful sled dogs, are all AKC registered Siberian Huskies. 


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Nils Pedersen


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