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Northern Light Husky Trip Picture


The best time to view the northern lights in Alaska is between November and April, when cold arctic high-pressure systems blanket the entire state. Due to the abundance of lengthy, chilly clear nights, a visit during winter offers you the greatest chance of seeing the northern lights.

Arctic Dog Adventure Co offers unforgettable aurora viewing experiences. 

During these northern lights husky trips, we'll take you to the epicenter of aurora borealis activity, where you'll work together with an expert husky musher to learn how to drive your own dog team as you journey across breathtaking scenery handpicked to take you to world class aurora borealis viewing locations.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see one of nature's most magnificent sights, and Arctic Dog Adventure Co. can take you to the perfect viewing location.


 With expert guides, well-trained dogs, and all the necessary equipment, we’ll make sure you have everything you need for an unforgettable trip. 

aurora and sunset. arctic alaska. april.png
The following is a list of our top Northern Lights Husky Trips. These trips will provide you with an excellent opportunity to observe the aurora borealis.


3 Days | Basecamp at a Cabin

Join us on this all-inclusive dog sledding & aurora viewing adventure!


After orientation and a brief mushing lesson, drive a dog team to a cozy cabin in the White Mountains National  Recreation Area.

Located just north of Fairbanks, Alaska, the White Mountains National Recreation Area has over one million acres of wilderness marked by rolling black spruce forest, rocky limestone cliffs, open river valleys, and mountain ridges adorned with mystical black granite tors.


We have handpicked this location for its unobscured northern horizons, providing a dream backdrop for aurora viewing.

The next day, enjoy a full dog sledding day tour on winding trails through the snow laden black spruce and birch forests of Interior Alaska. 

moose creek cabin.jpg


5-7 Days | Multiple Cabins


In our opinion, our Hut to Hut White Mountains Dog Sledding Adventures are the best way to view the northern lights in Fairbanks! One of the best places on earth to view the northern lights, this incredible landscape has over two hundred miles of trail ideal for travel by dog team. 

The wide open landscape of the White Mountains provides the perfect Northern backdrop for spotting the aurora borealis. Our 5 and 7 day excursions in the Alaskan wilderness will maximize your time away from light pollution so you have the highest chance of seeing the northern lights at their fullest. 

You'll mush your own team of huskies each day as you traverse different parts of the White Mountains, making stops at charming huts along the way to rest and refuel. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won't want to miss. 


2 Days | Heated Tent Camp

Drive a dog team to a remote aurora viewing camp north of Fairbanks.​

We provide you with transportation to and from the kennel, cold weather gear, mushing lessons, warm comfortable accommodations, and an expert dog sledding guide. After orientation & a brief mushing lesson you will drive your own dog team of Siberian Huskies out of the kennel.


Our destination is a remote northern lights viewing camp, where a wilderness dinner will be prepared for you while you watch for swirls of aurora in the inky night sky.


A cozy heated tent awaits when you are ready to retire for the evening. The next day, enjoy a full dog sledding day tour on winding trails through the snow laden black spruce and birch forests of Interior Alaska. 



4 Days | Basecamp at a Hot Springs Cabin

There is hardly anything more enjoyable than viewing the northern stars and shimmering aurora from a steaming hot tub, deep in the remote Alaskan wilderness! 

Our Tolovana Hot Springs Trip offers scenic winter wilderness travel accentuated by a relaxing stint at backcountry hot springs. This is a trip that truly shows off the expansive beauty and hidden treasures of Interior Alaska. 


After a day of orientation and gear check at Arctic Dog Adventure Co, we will take one day to travel to the hot springs; three days to explore the hot springs and the surrounding area; then one day to mush back out to the trailhead. 


This trip will include orientation night at our homestead and fours nights in private cabin accommodations, fully immersed in the rustic luxury that is Tolovana Hot Springs. 


5 Days | Basecamp with Heated Tents

Long spring days invite intrepid dog sledders to explore the stunning treeless landscapes of the Itikmalik River of the Brooks Range, far above the Arctic Circle.


Explore the tundra and creek valleys surrounding our Arctic camp, situated just outside Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. Play in the shadows of the rugged Brooks Range mountains and search for dropped caribou antlers on our daily forays into and around the Park.  If we are lucky, the sun will shine bright late into the evening, inviting long lunches with warm afternoon naps on the sleds, and fresh outdoor dinners with sunglasses still needed.


After sundown, watch the aurora swirl through the late evening twilight, dancing overhead in the giant Arctic sky.


This is the most adventurous of our trips, with tent camping and millions of acres of tundra and National Park Land to explore by dog team.

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