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These 5 to 7 day dog sledding trips are perfect for anyone who wants to explore the Alaskan backcountry, sleep indoors, see the northern lights, and experience amazing scenery while spending most of the day with our Siberian Huskies.

These hut-to-hut dog sledding trips travel scenic trails through the remote, pristine wilderness of the White Mountains National Recreation Area, one of the best places in the world to see the aurora borealis. 


A Northern extension of the Rocky Mountains, the White Mountains are marked by rolling black spruce forest, rocky limestone cliffs, open river valleys, and mountain ridges adorned with mystical black granite tors.

It is estimated that visitors who stay in Fairbanks for three days have a 90% chance of viewing the northern lights. We maximize your chances with our five and seven day itineraries.

Borealis Cabin

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moose creek cabin.jpg




The White Mountains NRA has 12 beautiful log cabins dotted at 10-20 mile intervals along hundreds of miles of trails frequented more commonly by caribou and wolves than people.


The cabins are rustic, with an open concept design. Each cabin can comfortably accommodate 6 people, the largest up to 12. Each cabin is outfitted with a large wood stove, a small kitchen, and a large table with benches.

The cabins do not have electricity or running water; unplug from technology and step outside to use the outhouse. 


A favorite feature all the cabins share is a large picture window orientated toward the best view the location has to offer. 


Play cards at the table by the light of a propane lantern.  Enjoy a three-course gourmet Alaskan meal while a fire crackles in the wood stove. Relax and enjoy the sweet simplicity of Alaskan cabin life. 


If we are lucky we will stay up late to watch the aurora shimmer overhead while the dogs sleep curled tight. 




What an amazing trip! I did the [Hut to Hut] trip in order to get an authentic immersed experience with dog sledding and Alaska. I wasn't disappointed. And I wasn't cold! That was probably the most surprising thing - I expected to have to "endure" a bit given that the temperature averaged minis 20 degrees. But I literally never got cold. In fact, when working with the dogs (harnessing, etc.), we typically took our parkas off as we got too warm! And the Arctic Oven tent and the cabin were both super toasty inside with the wood burning stoves.


Lisbet, owner and guide, was amazing. She was easy going, knew everything (of course), and worked from dawn to dark making sure we and the dogs were well taken care of. (Well, she actually was up well before dawn stoking the fire and getting coffee ready for us.)The dinners and breakfasts were homemade, delicious and hearty. The dogs . . . simply the best. We learned so much about them, how to care for them, and of course, how to mush! Lisbet was patient with us as we learned, and always had a keen eye for everything that was going on.


I can't describe the feeling of moving along the trail with the dogs pulling together in front of me, and in such a gorgeous expansive land - it's one of those "I can't believe I'm so lucky as to be here" moments. And I had many of them. So, I highly recommend this experience. Learning to mush is not hard at all, and if I can do it, anyone can. The dogs are easy to work with and you can tell they are happy and well cared-for dogs. At the end of the days we were tired, and maybe a few mild sore muscles, but it was a very satisfied tired. Great trip from start to finish! 

-Pandora, Colorado, USA



My spouse and I just completed a multi-day loop dog-sledding in the White Mountains, a wilderness area north of Fairbanks. Lisbet Norris (dba Arctic Dog) was a stellar guide. Her website lists her credentials; let's just say we could hardly have been in better hands. She is hugely kind, knowledgeable, and competent. Her huskies are obviously well cared-for, and were friendly, easy dogs to manage.


We were a group of four novice mushers. Before we even arrived, as we planned our trip, Lisbet was helpful and responsive in helping us choose which trip to take, what gear to acquire, etc.


The first day of our package included a few hours of "mushing school." What is amazing is that, after just those few hours of training, we were able to cover nearly 100 miles of trail over five days without any serious problems. I think much of that success is due to Lisbet's training of her dogs, who know to follow the lead sled and are too professional to wander off trail. The experience was challenging enough to provide a real sense of accomplishment, without ever feeling unduly dangerous.


We stayed in different BLM cabins each night as we progressed along our loop, with three hot and tasty meals every day. Each day was full, with several hours of mushing, arriving at each cabin shortly before sunset.

We would definitely do another trip with Lisbet, and would enthusiastically recommend this experience to anyone who has dreamed of driving a dog sled into the Alaska wilds.

- Jennifer & Eric, Arizona, USA



I went on a [Hut to Hut] trip with Lisbet and her team in January, 2020, and it was an experience I'll be talking about for the rest of my life. First, Lisbet is the real thing, a dedicated parent to the dogs, a long distance musher, and a caretaker to her guests, with plenty of stories to share about her adventures and the overall community of mushers around the Fairbanks area.


Lisbet provided a completely thorough packing list and supplied us with high quality essential items (arctic parka, overmits, down overpants, northern boots) that it wouldn't make sense to own unless you'll be doing this regularly. Despite some pretty extreme cold temperatures (-25F at least), I always felt safe and comfortable (well, I woke up cold one night, but pulled on a wool sweater and was fine).


I also felt confident mushing my team of six dogs as they were well trained and Lisbet provided the guidance and instruction for me to be successful quickly.


For me, the unexpected delights were the beautiful terrain we covered, and the night mushing, which was completely unexpected, and absolutely beautiful. Imagine a dark star filled sky, near silence as the dogs mush across the snow, and a bright headlamp illuminating snowflakes as they fall. It felt otherworldly for someone who doesn't do this every day.


And, of course, it was super cool to get to know the dogs. It was a crash course but by the end of five days I knew the personality of each dog on my team and some of them had warmed to me, which was a great feeling. Vishy, Svid, Hillary, Sluggo, I haven't forgotten you.


To be clear, this is an adventure trip, not a trip to Disneyland, and while it didn't require a super high level of fitness I was tired at times and don't expect a tent in the woods to be the Four Seasons, but if it's adventure you seek, and you love dogs and the wilderness, this is as authentic an experience as you'll get, with great dogs and a warm, experienced, and interesting leader.

-Michael, California, USA


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