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Photo credit: WM Photography

This trip is designed for those eager to experience an authentic Alaskan mushing experience -- driving your own dog team!  

This is the real deal, which means you are not just along for a ride -- you are an active participant in this adventure. You will drive your own small team of 4-6 dogs. The guide drives their own team just ahead of you, keeping an eye on the dogs, the trail, and your progress. 


Before departure, your guide will introduce you to your team and give you a lesson on how to drive the sled. You will learn how to  harness a sled dog, how to slow and stop your team before taking off on a scenic trip that will take you four miles roundtrip through beautiful old growth boreal forest to the top of a ridge, where vast panoramic views of the White Mountains and the Chatanika River Valley await. Midway through your tour, we will pull over for photos.

This is a 2 tour hour from arrival to departure, with a minimum of 1 hour on the dog sled. Sometimes we spend extra time teaching, talking, petting dogs and/or taking pictures on the trail. 

No previous mushing experience is required. We will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable and well equipped for your time on the trail.  99% of our clients have never stepped foot on a dog sled before! You are accompanied at all times by a professional dog sledding guide who oversees the whole experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the thrill of driving your own dog team. The tour is about 50% uphill, meaning it will be necessary to help your dogs uphill, which requires some balance and cardio output. If you can comfortably hike 2-3 miles in hilly terrain, you are fit enough to drive a dog sled. 

The Basics

Price: $219 per person. 

10% Discount for Active Duty Military, Alaskan Residents. Please send email or text with proof for discount code to or +1 (907) 841-4694.

Time: 10 A.M.; 2 P.M. daily.

Duration: 2-3 hours from arrival to departure. We do not offer shuttle service. 

Season: November - March. Dependent on snow cover.

Group size: One person minimum, four person maximum. *Larger groups please contact us directly* 

Booking: Online or by phone. 

What's included:

✔ Drive your own dog team of 4-6 Siberian Huskies

✔ Professional and experienced guides 

✔ Dog mushing lessons

✔ 1+ hour of dog sledding

✔ 4+ miles of trail

✔ Scenic mountain vistas

✔ Warm outerclothing (parkas, boots, mittens)

What's not included:

✔ Baselayers, warm hats, socks, or scarves

✔ Transportation to/from the kennel

Why this tour is unique:

✔ You drive your own dog sled the entire tour, from start to finish.

✔ You do not share the dog sled with a guide or another person.

✔ You do not have a guide attached to you by a "tag sled." 

✔ Our dogs are Siberian Huskies, one of the original Arctic sled dog breeds.