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Dog Sledding & Travel in Alaska

2024 Multi-Day Dog Sled Tours

Alaska is famed for its wildly romantic landscapes. Picture giant mountains, endless valleys, swirling aurora, frozen rivers, sparkling meadows of snow, steaming hot springs, enchanting forests of birch and spruce – and you and your own dog team traveling through it all. Our state is vast and home to an unbelievably diverse array of landscapes. From the Denali Highway to Alaska's Arctic, we have a multi-day dog sledding adventure for you!

On our Hut to Hut Dog Sledding Adventures we will travel by dog team into the remote, pristine wilderness of the White Mountains National Recreation Area. The White Mountains are marked by rolling black spruce forest, rocky limestone cliffs, open river valleys, and mountain ridges adorned with mystical black granite tors. Beautiful log cabins dot the landscape, spread out over the distance of a day's travel by dog sled.

Dog sledding in the White Mountains National Recreation Area
Granite Tors Erupt from the Mountainside on our Cache Mountain Route

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Itikmalik River, surrounded by treeless landscapes, and above the Arctic Circle. Our Arctic camp, nestled just outside Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, awaits your discovery of tundra and creek valleys. Experience the majestic Brooks Range mountains as you embark on daily excursions, keeping an eye out for caribou antlers along the way. With luck, the sun will grace us with its presence, allowing for leisurely lunches and cozy afternoon naps on the sleds, followed by refreshing outdoor dinners that still require sunglasses.

As the sun sets, witness the enchanting dance of the aurora, swirling through the twilight of the Arctic sky.

These trips offer an unparalleled rustic and adventurous experience - 4 to 10 days of tent camping, embracing nature's call with an outdoor latrine, and countless acres of tundra to explore, all while being pulled by a team of loyal sled dogs.

Cabin-based Aurora Overnights

Not ready for a week in the woods yet? No problem! Try a two day, one night dog sledding tour. Drive your own dog team through snowy boreal forest and frozen bogs. Our destination is our remote northern lights viewing camp or cabin, where a three course wilderness dinner will be prepared for you while you watch for swirls of aurora in the inky night sky. All-inclusive, from pick-up to drop-off.

Dates: Available to book from November through March.

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us directly for a custom trip quote!

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