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Drive a dog team to a cozy log cabin to view the northern lights.

The perfect Alaskan dog sledding experience -- drive your own dog team over the frozen summits and snow laden forests of the White Mountains National Recreation Area to a hand built log cabin complete with a view. 


Located just north of Fairbanks, Alaska, the White Mountains National Recreation Area has over one million acres of wilderness marked by rolling black spruce forest, rocky limestone cliffs, open river valleys, and mountain ridges adorned with mystical black granite tors. One of the best places on earth to view the northern lights, this incredible landscape has over two hundred miles of trail ideal for travel by dog team. 


Stay for two nights, explore the surrounding backcountry, and stay up late in hopes of seeing the aurora borealis.

Colorado Creek Cabin White Mountains.jpeg




The White Mountains NRA has 12 beautiful log cabins dotted at 10-20 mile intervals along hundreds of miles of trails frequented more commonly by caribou and wolves than people.


The cabins are rustic, with an open concept design. Each cabin can comfortably accommodate 6 people, the largest up to 12. Each cabin is outfitted with a large wood stove, a small kitchen, and a large table with benches.

The cabins do not have electricity or running water; unplug from technology and step outside to use the outhouse. 


A favorite feature all the cabins share is a large picture window orientated toward the best view the location has to offer. 


Play cards at the table by the light of a propane lantern.  Enjoy a three-course gourmet Alaskan meal while a fire crackles in the wood stove. Relax and enjoy the sweet simplicity of Alaskan cabin life. 


If we are lucky we will stay up late to watch the aurora shimmer overhead while the dogs sleep curled tight. 


This trip was unforgettable! Lisbet is the owner and we were lucky to have her as a guide on our trip. She's SO friendly, knowledgable, sweet, easy to talk to and patient with all the questions we had and explaining us how to care for the dogs. The scenery and landscape was absolutely breathtaking- going through a winter wonderland. The stars are her dogs!

— Rommy, March 2021


This was on my bucket list:

Going to Alaska, being out in nature, being where it is really cold, being with dogs. It did not feel like I was a tourist, I was just part of the team and life. What an amazing time I had. I will not take the details away from you. Experience this yourself and be part of nature at below 0 temperatures. Feel your body the way we are supposed to feel it. Experience hard work, amazing dogs, beautiful nature and above all meet amazing Lisbet.

— Klaus, February 2018


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