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Aurora viewing in comfort and style.


Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed into our cozy, off-grid cabin where you can change into warm winter clothes. If needed, we will supplement your gear with our own expedition-level parkas and/or overmitts. We want to ensure that you will be warm and comfortable during your tour. Then, it is time to head outside! 

Nestled in the forest are 40 happy, excited Siberian huskies waiting to meet you. We will travel by dog team to our aurora viewing area. Since it is dark, this is a ride-only tour. However, if you took a mushing lesson earlier in the week, you can drive your own team. You will have the opportunity to assist your guide in harnessing and hooking up the dogs. Or, feel free to hang back and watch the excitement. 

When all is ready, the dogs will be barking and hammering at their harnesses, eager to go. We make sure you are safely and comfortably tucked into the dog sled. When we release the sleds —whoosh! — sudden silence, accentuated by the sound of runners whisking over the snow and the quiet pitter patter of dog paws. Enjoy the feeling of winding through trails illuminated by stars and a headlamp -- it can feel like flying.

We will head up into the beautiful old growth forest surrounding our homestead. The trail is uphill at first, but we quickly gain the ridge and are rewarded by beautiful panoramic views to the North. Keep your eyes peeled for northern lights. From the top of the ridge, we look over vast expanses of moonlit boreal forest, frosty river valleys, and if the moon is bright, mountain ranges glowing white in the distance. If we are lucky, the aurora will be swirling overhead.

We will run along the ridgeline to our scenic aurora viewing location. The aurora is most commonly seen on the northern horizon and we have taken great care to choose a spot that provides vast, unbroken views of the northern sky, far away from the light pollution of the city. Our aurora viewing camp is set up with a cozy tent heated warm wood-fired stove to keep the night chill away.  Enjoy hot drinks while your guide/chef prepares a selection of delicious locally sourced desserts. If the skies are clear, we have a good chance of spotting the magical northern lights. 

OPTIONAL: Book a day tour in the days leading up to your aurora tour and you will be given the option to mush your own team on the Aurora Deluxe Tour! We have high powered headlamps available which makes the route bright and the trail easy to navigate.  Mushing in the dark is a surprising highlight for many who visit us!  20% discount on both tours if booked together


December 1 - march 12







✔ 1 hour dog sled ride or tour

✔ Expedition weight parkas and mitts 

✔ Hand and toe warmers

✔ Selection of locally sourced desserts

✔ Heated warming tent

✔ Campfire

✔ Open aurora viewing location

✔ No light pollution

✔ Basic photography instruction

✔ Hot drinks

The basics

Price: $599 per person. 2 person minimum.*

Time: 8:00 PM  - 2:00 AM

Duration: 6 hours from arrival to departure.

Season: November 1 - April 15.**

Desserts: A selection of cakes, tarts & ice cream prepared with local and organic ingredients. We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free diets upon request. ​

* Our aurora tours are private and do not require a certain number of bookings to run.

** Season start and end is dependent on snow cover.

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