dog sledding day trip with CAMPFIRE lunch

An unparalleled nature tour through the boreal forest and frozen bogs of Interior Alaska.

This trip is designed for those who love the outdoors and wish to experience an authentic Alaskan mushing experience -- driving your own dog team! 


Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed into our cozy, off-grid cabin where you can change into warm winter clothes. If needed, we will supplement your gear with our own expedition-level parkas and/or overmitts. We want to ensure that you will be warm and comfortable your entire trip! Then, it is time to head outside. 


We will give you a lesson on how to drive the sled and you will assist your guide in harnessing the teams. When everything is ready, the dogs will be barking and hammering on the lines, eager to go. Hang on to the handle bar! We will release the sleds and whoosh! —  sudden silence, accentuated by the sound of runners whisking over the snow and the quiet pitter patter of dog paws. 

You have a say in where we will go. We may choose to drop down into the river valley, where cold air congregates and covers the world in crystals. We can wind through thick clusters of crooked black spruce, coated with fragile hoarfrost. Or, perhaps we will stay up top, where rabbit tracks criss-cross sparkling fields of snow, and golden winter sun flirts with us through the birch forest. It is a fairytale landscape and ours to explore!


When we find a cozy spot, we will stop. We will build a fire, sit on warm reindeer skins and enjoy a campfire lunch with hot drinks and home baked cakes for dessert. 


Upon our return, we will unharness the dogs and thank them for the trip before heading inside where we can remove our frost covered outerwear before we say good-bye. 

This is a 6 tour hour from arrival to departure, with a minimum of 4 hours on the dog sled. Sometimes we spend extra time teaching, talking, petting dogs and/or taking pictures on the trail. 

No previous mushing experience is required. We will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable and well equipped for your time on the trail.  99% of our clients have never stepped foot on a dog sled before! You are accompanied at all times by a professional dog sledding guide who oversees the whole experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the thrill of driving your own dog team. Fairbanks is hilly, as is this tour, meaning it will be necessary to help your dogs uphill, which requires some balance and cardio output. If you are capable of hiking 3-5 miles of hilly terrain, you are fit enough to dog sled.

The basics

Price: $499 per person. 10% AK Resident/ Active Duty Military Discount. Email with ID for a discount code.

Time: 10:00 AM  

Duration: 6 hours from arrival to departure.

Booking: Winter 2021-2022 dates TBA

Season: November 15, 2021 -- March 1, 2022 

Lunch: Hearty Alaskan-inspired meal prepared with local and organic ingredients. We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten/dairy-free diets upon request. ​

Group size: No minimum. Single travelers welcome. 6 person maximum.


Age: 12+ .


✔ Drive your own dog team of 4-6 Siberian Huskies

✔ Professional and experienced guides 

✔ Introductory dog mushing lessons

✔ 4+ hours of dog sledding

✔ 4+ miles of trail

✔ Scenic mountain vistas

✔ Warm clothing (parkas, boots, mittens)


✔ Baselayers, warm hats

✔ Transportation to/from the kennel

is unique:

✔ You drive your own dog sled the entire tour, from start to finish.

✔ You do not share the dog sled with a guide or another person.

✔ You do not have a guide attached to you by a "tag sled." 

✔ Our dogs are Siberian Huskies, one of the original Arctic sled dog breeds.

will i drive my own dog team? 

Yes. You will drive your own small team of 4-6 dogs. One person per sled. You are accompanied at all times by a professional dog sledding guide who oversees the experience. Before departure, your guide will introduce you to your team and give you a lesson on how to drive the sled. You will learn how to harness a sled dog, and how to slow and stop your team. Your guide drives their own team just ahead of you, keeping an eye on the dogs, the trail, and your progress. This is not a tag sled tour. While tag sledding is a fun way to enjoy dog sledding, it is not the same as driving your own team. Driving your own dog team is more work, more responsibility, and more rewarding. Children 12 and up can usually drive their own small teams, pending guide approval. Enjoy the thrill & pleasure of driving your own dog team with Arctic Dog Adventure Co.