women's mushing RETREAT

Travel ancient waterways and spectacular Alaskan landscapes with your own dog team.

Alaska is famed for its wildly romantic landscapes. Picture giant mountains, endless valleys, powerful frozen rivers, sparkling meadows of snow, enchanting forests of birch and spruce – and you and your dog team traveling through it all.

This women's retreat is designed for adventurous spirits ready to experience an authentic Alaskan mushing experience-- driving your own dog team.

Experience the meditative nature of mushing. Equal parts adventure and introspection, travel by dog team is an ideal way to absorb the energy and wisdom of a landscape. 


The huskies in your team will become your new best friends. They are trusting, loving, vivacious, and hum with forward energy. Their enthusiasm is contagious and you will share in their excitement for new adventure. 

Always aware of their natural environment, the dogs will help key us into our surroundings. Follow their lead. Huskies live in the moment. They teach us grounding and awareness. 


Our route follows the Susitna River, an ancient passageway 

fed by glaciers, infused with powerful water and mountain energy. We will follow its winding course, stopping at hand-built wilderness lodges along the way. Solid and warm, the lodges are comfortable spots in which to rest and recharge for the next day’s adventures.


Our turnaround point is the beautiful Northwoods Lodge, renowned for its cozy and luxurious accommodations and amenities. Have you ever experienced the magic of a sauna in winter? Stepping outside, steam rising off your skin, feeling impervious to the cold air... It’s an amazingly powerful energizer. 

Our journey will be marked by a relaxed pace, serene river travel, open air lunches, charming husky antics, and coaching in a supportive and empowering environment.


We will equip and empower you with the knowledge to drive your own sled dog team and teach you the tools to to feel confident in both the outdoors and your personal life. 

Unplug from daily life, connect with nature, find inner peace.

Leave feeling empowered, revitalized, refreshed.

Come with us for a transformational experience that will light your life.

Harness your power.

This trip is limited to a maximum of 4 women. 



IN 2023






7 days

What's included

✔ Dog mushing lessons.

✔ Drive your own team of 4-6 Siberian Huskies.

✔ Individual and group coaching with the fabulous Wendy Battino.

✔ Shared accommodations at gorgeous river lodges.

✔ Use of expedition weight parkas & outerwear.

✔ Cold weather sleeping bags & pads

✔ Shuttle service to and from your hotel in Anchorage.

✔ All meals from lunch on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 7.


Are you an adventurous soul?  A dog lover? Do you love winter? Are you desirous of a closer connection to nature?  Answer yes to any one of these?  Then yes!  This trip might be perfect for you! 

No previous mushing experience is required. We will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable and equipped for your days on the trail. 

That being said, dog mushing is a physical activity...from harnessing dogs to standing on the sled all day, you will need to be reasonably able-bodied in order to fully enjoy this retreat. These exuberant huskies may tip your sled, drag you down the trail, or require you use your brake in an instant. If you are hesitant about your ability to manage a dog team, please contact Lisbet & she will guide you through a series of questions designed to evaluate your abilities. You are probably better suited for this than you think. 


You do not need previous experience with cold weather climates, but you will need to equip yourself with a proper set of winter base layers in order to ensure your comfort and safety. Even though it is spring in Alaska, weather and temperatures can still be harsh and unpredictable. We will happily provide you with a list of suggested gear -- your comfort is our utmost concern ! 

meet Your guides

wendy battino

I am a Life Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, and an Intuitive.  An outdoor adventurer, I have experienced powerful medicine in the natural world and gained strength and leadership over my life.  I use nature to help people remember their full brilliance and then to SHINE.  We are all called to be our authentic selves, especially now, Nature sees us as we are and this helps us harness our energy to create what we want.  


I will coach our group daily, connecting practices with our adventure:


  • You will learn tools to connect to your dogs and to the world around you

  •  You will breathe and learn to deal with fears or obstacles in your life.

  •  You will get clear on goals and your personal talents so you can harness your energy to create what you want.

  •   You will have individual coaching opportunities with me as well to map your next steps


I will teach you to connect with the peace that is calling you home.  Together we will map out your steps so you will go home with more clarity of your power and the knowledge of how to use it.  

Lisbet Norris

Originally from Willow, Alaska, Lisbet grew up in a dog mushing family. She is a three-time finisher of the Iditarod, the longest sled dog race in the world. Lisbet has a strong love for the North. She feels at home in the boreal forest of Interior Alaska and loves sharing the northern landscape with others. 

Lisbet holds a degree in Northern Studies and History from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Prior to starting Arctic Dog Adventure Co., she worked as a musher and expedition guide for outfitters in Alaska and Norway and has over a decade of experience guiding dog sled tours and expeditions. Lisbet also teaches dog mushing at the college level at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is known for her leadership qualities under adverse circumstances and through sound preparation and experience, she makes the most unique and challenging adventures possible for her clients!


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