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Tips for Seeing the Start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race

With the 50th running of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race fast approaching, it's time for an Arctic Dog Team Update!

Team Update

Lisbet and the dogs have been training hard for the race all season with their longest run so far being over 150 miles. The dogs have been seeing their vet regularly for checkups and chiropractic adjustments to ensure their bodies and minds are all set for the endurance race ahead.

There is much to do before the big race; prepare food (drops were due Feb 14), attend virtual musher meetings, respond to media inquiries, and of course, train. Here's a little clip from our full moon run in the White Mountains.

You can see the entire packing process over on our Instagram (go to "Iditarod Prep" in stories).

The Race Begins - Tips for Watching

There are 2 starts for Iditarod;

  1. Downtown Anchorage for the Ceremonial Race Start on March 5th @ 10 am and,

  2. Race Re-Start Sunday March 6th @ 2pm on Willow Lake. Parking is extremely limited in Willow so save yourself the hassle and take the shuttle!

We recommend going to the Willow start March 6 @ 2pm. There is an excitement in the air that the show start just doesn’t have. We highly recommend taking the shuttle from Wasilla as parking is almost non existent in Willow. Here is the shuttle info.

To watch the Anchorage Ceremonial Race Start, we recommend avoiding the downtown start (not just for Covid, but for views) and heading the Campbell Airstrip/Bicentennial Park - it’s the ending point of the restart & a great place to actually see the teams up close. From the parking lot, cross the bridge and you will be on the trail.

We recommend walking down the trail, especially in Willow, maybe even to the next lake over and finding a spot along the trail. That way you can see the teams come by. The actual start line is very congested, several people deep.

Be prepared to stand in the snow and be outside all day. It can be really nice and warm (30+ ) or it can be below zero.

  • Bring a couple changes of socks, toe and hand warmers are great too.

  • Wear all your warmest clothes, it is very cold to stand around, even if the temps are “warm”.

  • If you bring camp chairs, bring blankets and warm drinks to help keep you warm.

  • Stay off the trail while the racers go by, they will be going fast!

Other Tips

  • The newspaper prints the bib numbers so you can see who you are looking at.

  • There are usually food vendors at the community center but plan on being self sufficient as where you’ll go to see the teams is very far away.

  • Lisbet is Bib Number 43!!

Ways to Follow the Race Virtually

With mushers not being allowed to share updates along the trail, Lisbet will add pics to Instagram & Facebook after the race and bring you a post-race blog when she gets home. Wish her luck!

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