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Dog Sledding & Travel in Alaska

"The Best Bucket List Trip!" - Aurora Safari Client Review

We are lucky enough to work and spend time with some wonderful people in a picturesque backdrop. For this community we have built we love to go above and beyond to make your experience worthwhile and provide you with something that you will cherish and remember for years to come.

Running a small business comes with challenges and hurdles that we have to overcome day-to-day. With that being said when we look on platforms such as our TripAdvisor page and our social media platforms and see our past visitors leaving us such kind and heartfelt messages, it just ignites the reason why we do this.

Below is a review we received on our Trip Advisor page. We remember Pam well and she was a pleasure to show an authentic Alaskan experience to. As mentioned in her testimonial she did our 5-day Aurora Safari trip and loved it.

What an amazing trip! I did the 5-day Aurora Safari trip in order to get an authentic immersed experience with dog sledding and Alaska, I wasn't disappointed and I wasn't cold!
That was probably the most surprising thing - I expected to have to "endure" a bit given that the temperature averaged minus 20 degrees but I literally never got cold. In fact, when working with the dogs we typically took our parkas off as we got too warm!
The Arctic oven tent and the cabin were both super toasty inside with the wood-burning stoves. Lisbet, owner, and guide was amazing. She was easygoing, knew everything and worked from dawn to dark making sure we and the dogs were well taken care of. (Well, she actually was up well before dawn stoking the fire and getting coffee ready for us.)
The dinners and breakfasts were homemade, delicious, and hearty. The dogs . . . simply the best. We learned so much about them, how to care for them, and of course, how to mush! Lisbet was patient with us as we learned, and always had a keen eye for everything that was going on. I can't describe the feeling of moving along the trail with the dogs pulling together in front of me, and in such a gorgeous expansive land - it's one of those "I can't believe I'm so lucky as to be here" moments and I had many of them.
I highly recommend this experience. Learning to mush is not hard at all, and if I can do it, anyone can. The dogs are easy to work with and you can tell they are happy and well-cared-for dogs. At the end of the day, we were tired and had maybe a few mild sore muscles, but it was a very satisfied tired. Great trip from start to finish!
Tip - follow Lisbet's packing list precisely. I was so worried about being cold and brought extra and didn't need any of it. She also has plenty of snacks, so not really a need to bring extra. - Pam
Pam enjoying her Aurora Safari Adventure
Pam enjoying her Aurora Safari Adventure

Let's discuss some of the things she mentioned in her testimonial and elaborate on them.

Is it really that cold on our Trips?

Yes! but as Pam mentioned we provide a LOT of the equipment for you. We understand that our trips are mostly a one-off experience for you and to buy all your clothing and accessories would be a really big purchase. Our gear and equipment are specially chosen for comfort in our often sub-zero Interior Alaska temperatures. It's important for us to ensure you are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Pam having some cuddles and play time with the Huskies.
Pam having some cuddles and play time with the Huskies.

What is the packing list Pam is referring to?

The Arctic Dog Adventure team has created a packing list that you can print or download onto your chosen device. This is essentially a document that gives you a checklist to make things easier as your packing, offers some advice, and gives you a breakdown of categories to separate things into.

More often than not we used to have people turning up to their trips with A LOT of luggage panicking that they were going to be so cold. We experience these sub-zero temperatures on a daily basis so we have whittled it down to a fine art (if we do say so ourselves) to EXACTLY what you need in order to have the best experience possible with us.

If you want to make the most of this valuable resource then please feel free to download it. MULTI-DAY DOG SLEDDING PACKING LIST

Pam working on her mushing skills.
Pam working on her mushing skills.

Are the views really that picturesque?

Even though we live here and are fortunate enough to see and experience these views every day we still have 'I can't believe how lucky I am to be here and this is my job' moments quite regularly.

The Aurora 5 night safari trip that Pam joined us on travels a scenic trail through thick boreal forest, alongside the fantastic rock arches of Limestone Gulch, across Beaver Creek (a National Wild & Scenic River), paralleling steep mountains studded with tors.

A snapshot of the beautiful views to be enjoyed as your mushing.
A snapshot of the beautiful views to be enjoyed as your mushing.

What are the overnight cabin facilities like?

Our main objective is for you to feel taken care of and like you are staying in a home away from home. Homemade breakfast and dinner are provided by ourselves as well as a nice delicious cup of coffee in the morning - most importantly!

On the Aurora Overnights, we use Arctic Oven Tents as Pam mentions in her comments. They are a roomy and luxurious tent (it’s 6'3" at the top), equipped with a small stove that turns the space into a cozy and warm retreat from the outside temperatures. These tents are famous for being a comfortable 70F inside when it's -40F outside. The stove runs all night and extra blankets on the beds ensure a warm, cozy night of “glamping.”

Our Arctic Oven Tents
Our Arctic Oven Tents

Is it possible to see the Northern Lights?

Absolutely! It is estimated that visitors who stay in Fairbanks for a minimum of three days have a 90% chance of viewing the northern lights. We maximize your chances with a 5 day, 4-night Aurora tour scheduled during the darkest and most active skies of the year. Pam experience the Northern lights on her trip with us and was in awe!

Northern Lights to be seen on our Aurora Overnight Safari
Northern Lights to be seen on our Aurora Overnight Safari

How can I experience all of this?

Simple! If you want to experience everything Pam did then check out our full page going into more detail on what you can expect on one of our Aurora Safari — 5 days, 4 nights.

Scheduled around the new moon, this immersive dog mushing aurora tour is unlike any other! We will travel by dog team into the remote, pristine wilderness of the White Mountains National Recreation Area. The White Mountains are marked by rolling black spruce forests, rocky limestone cliffs, open river valleys, and mountain ridges adorned with mystical black granite tors. These scenic vistas are characterized by low unobscured northern horizons, providing a dream backdrop for the aurora.

What's included;

✔ Dog mushing lessons

✔ Drive your own dog team

✔ Parka, snow pants, boots, mittens

✔ Cold-weather sleeping bags and pads

✔ Sleeping bags, liners, and pads

✔ Alaskan-inspired meals and snacks

✔ Basic photography instruction

Accommodations: Orientation night at our lodge; three nights in remote BLM log cabins.

Duration: 5 days, 4 nights. This trip is approximately 80 miles roundtrip.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate.

Dates still available: A full list of dates can be found here. Choose your preferred dates, click the button to open the itinerary, then click the button on the bottom to first register then pay your deposit. You can always call Lisbet.

Price: $3899 per person. Our pricing is all-inclusive. This means it includes travel to and from your hotel to Arctic Dog Adventure Co., meals, snacks, sleeping bags, pads, cold weather gear + accommodations.

Four huskies looking at the camera
Come hang out with us for a few days!

So come join us and experience some bucket list moments just like Pam did...

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