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Can I Bring My Kids on a Dog Sledding Expedition?

Updated: May 31

Yes and no. We'll explain.

Kids under the age of 18 are not allowed on our group tours. Our group trips are adventure travel trips intended for adults. They are mentally and physically best suited for people who have reached the age of majority. Not to mention, for many people, our trips are once in a lifetime vacations, and they have left their own kids at home in order to fully participate in the experience. Kids are fun and fantastic, but anyone who has cared for one knows they need to be catered to differently than an adult. A kid unequivocally changes the group dynamic of a multi day dog sledding trip.

That being said, we love dog sledding with kids & teens!! Minors are allowed only on Private Tours only - 4 people minimum, or monetary equivalent. We have safely & successfully taken clients with kids as young as 6 on overnight adventures and as young as 11 on multi day adventures. Traveling with kids is a fun and refreshing way to experience a landscape, the dogs, and the adventure as a whole. Which is why we allow kids on private trips. A private trips allows us to curate a trip around the kid(s) and adjust itineraries and expectations as needed; flexibility that isn't an option on a group trip with a set itinerary, and an absolute must when traveling with children, especially in the backcountry.

A family adventure with kids ranging in age from 6 to 13.

Private trips require a minimum of four people (or the monetary equivalent). In order to book a private trip, you will need to book out an existing date that does not have any registrations. This gets harder and harder as summer turns to fall as people start planning their winter and spring adventures and booking out their dates. We recommend booking a private trip as early as is feasible in your planning process. We cannot guarantee any trips without a deposit.

We recommend our Cabin Overnights or our Hut to Hut Dog Sledding Adventures for dog sledding with kids. The cabins provide safe, comfortable accommodations with large wood stoves perfect for drying wet gear and staying warm all night long. Big tables allow for card games and puzzles in the evening, plus each cabin has a super cool loft accessible only by ladder, which is always a huge hit among our younger clientele :)

* ADAC does not provide cold weather gear for children. Our smallest boot size is W5, and Parka/Snowpant size is Adult XS.

* Minors age 12+ are permitted to drive their own dog sleds.

* Minors 11 and under ride in the Guide’s Sled, not that of a parent or guardian.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! We love adventuring with our own kid and are more than happy to help you facilitate a family adventure of your own!

Our daughter Story mushing with Ruby.

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