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Alaska is famed for its wildly romantic landscapes and epic aurora borealis. Picture giant mountains, endless valleys, powerful frozen rivers, sparkling meadows of snow, enchanting forests of birch and spruce – and you and your team of huskies traveling through it all!

Our multi-day husky safari dog sledding expeditions take you to little-known, magical places in Interior & Arctic Alaska, the traditional lands of the Dena & Inupiat peoples.


We weave together time with Siberian Huskies, mushing through pristine wilderness areas, Alaskan-style meals, aurora viewing, cozy accommodations and abundant opportunities for wildlife viewing.


If you are craving connection to the Alaskan wilderness, seeking an authentic experience, and value a personal touch, you have come to the right place. On an Arctic Dog Adventure Co. small group husky safari, you will gain a caring and genuine dog sledding experience, one that highlights ethical mushing practices, and celebrates a life lived in cooperation and partnership with dogs. Our visitors are active participants in their adventure - you will learn to drive your own small husky team!


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2-3 Days | Basecamp at a Cabin or Heated Tent


The perfect Alaskan dog sledding experience -- drive your own dog team over the frozen summits and snow laden forests of the White Mountains National Recreation Area to a hand built log cabin complete with a view.

Stay at this cozy cabin for 1 or 2 nights, exploring the local trails with your own team of Siberian Huskies. 


Located just north of Fairbanks, Alaska, the White Mountains National Recreation Area has over one million acres of wilderness marked by rolling black spruce forest, rocky limestone cliffs, open river valleys, and mountain ridges adorned with mystical black granite tors.


One of the best places on earth to view the northern lights, this incredible landscape has over two hundred miles of trail ideal for travel by dog team. 


5-7 Days | Multiple Cabins

Travel by dog team into the remote, pristine wilderness of the White Mountains National Recreation Area. A northern extension of the Rocky Mountains, the White Mountains are marked by rolling black spruce forest, rocky limestone cliffs, open river valleys, and mountain ridges adorned with mystical black granite tors.

It is estimated that visitors who stay in Fairbanks for three days have a 90% chance of viewing the northern lights. We maximize your chances with a 5+ day expedition scheduled during the darkest and most active skies of the year. 

Stay at beautiful Alaskan log cabins dotted at regular intervals along the route. These dog sledding trips are perfect for those seeking to explore the Alaskan backcountry, sleep indoors, and see some amazing scenery while spending most of the day with our Siberian Huskies​. 



4-7 Days | Basecamp with Heated Tents

Long spring days invite intrepid dog sledders to explore the stunning treeless landscapes of the Itikmalik River of the Brooks Range, far above the Arctic Circle in Gates of the Arctic National Park. Experience snow capped mountains, migrating caribou, and shimmering spring aurora on this incredible Arctic adventure.


Explore the tundra and creek valleys surrounding our Arctic camp, situated just outside Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. Play in the shadows of the rugged Brooks Range mountains and search for dropped caribou antlers on our daily forays into and around the Park. If we are lucky, the sun will shine bright late into the evening, inviting long lunches with warm afternoon naps on the sleds, and fresh outdoor dinners with sunglasses still needed. After sundown, watch the aurora swirl through the late evening twilight, dancing in the giant Arctic sky.


These are the most adventurous of our trips, with tent camping, an outdoor latrine, and millions of acres of tundra to explore by dog team. 


4 Days | Basecamp at a Cabin

There is hardly anything more enjoyable than viewing the northern stars and shimmering aurora from a steaming hot tub, deep in the remote Alaskan wilderness! 

Our Tolovana Hot Springs Trip offers scenic winter wilderness travel accentuated by a relaxing stint at backcountry hot springs. This is a trip that truly shows off the expansive beauty and hidden treasures of Interior Alaska. 

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