• Multi-day tours, including Aurora Overnights, require a negative MOLECULAR based test (PCR or NAAT) taken AFTER air travel to Alaska and within 72 hours of the trip start date and time of 9 am. We do not provide these tests. 

  • We also require a negative rapid antigen test taken the morning of trip start date. We do not provide these tests and recommend you purchase them prior to departure. 

  • For help planning your pre-trip Covid screening, see our ADAC Covid Testing Resource Guide.

  • There will be no exceptions, regardless of vaccine status.

  • Day Tours (2 HR; 6 HR) do not require a PCR test or a rapid test. 


Since our founding, Arctic Dog Adventure Co. has been committed to responsibly exploring the Alaskan backcountry. Pre trip PCR testing for Covid-19 is now industry standard for adventure tourism businesses & the best prevention to keep all group members, including the guides and our accommodations hosts, healthy during our adventure together.


Prior to arrival in Fairbanks;

  • Please review the ADAC Covid Testing Resource Guide

  • Visit > to find a local testing site, or contact one of the sites listed on the ADAC Covid Testing Resource Guide

  • Book an appointment and/or arrange transportation to a testing site. 

  • Purchase an over-the-counter rapid antigen test to use the morning of trip departure. 


Upon arrival in Fairbanks;

  • Go get tested if your trip is within 72 hours of your arrival to Fairbanks. Do not count on a 24-hour turnaround. If using a private clinic ask for a MOLECULAR-based test (PCR or NAAT) test.

  • Upload your negative test results to your YouLi Trip Portal. If your test is positive, please call us. 

  • Please avoid crowded areas such as indoor dining and Chena Hot Springs prior to your ADAC adventure. You can enjoy the hot spring post-trip. 

  • The morning of your trip, please take your rapid test prior to pickup and text the results to your guide (their number will be provided to you the week prior to departure).

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ADAC cannot guarantee the testing availability of the city of Fairbanks. We We recommend full coverage travel insurance (medical+trip cancellation+cancel for any reason etc.). In the event you cannot get a Covid test in time for our trips, you will not be permitted to join the trip. We will not make exceptions.

Here is the link to the State of Alaska’s current COVID 19 protocols:​. We encourage you to check this link, in addition to your own state or country's guidelines for the most up to date information regarding travel. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 


Lisbet Norris

Owner/Lead Guide

Arctic Dog Adventure Co. 

Updated: June 18, 2022


Question: I tested positive for Covid well before this trip and might still test positive on PCR tests for weeks to come. What do I do in lieu of a negative PCR test? 

Answer: At this time, ADAC will accept:


  1. Proof of a positive Covid test within three months of trip start date AND

  2. A negative rapid antigen test taken the morning of our trip departure.

If you the date you tested positive for Covid is longer than three months ago at the time of your trip start date , we require that you adhere to our Regular Covid-19 Protocols and take a PCR test. 


Our trips involve time spent together in small, poorly ventilated spaces (tents, cabins, dining rooms). Social distancing is not an option. 

Even though the current COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective, testing is still the only way to find out who is infected -- especially when people do not have symptoms but could still potentially spread the virus to others.

Research has suggested that around 59% of COVID-19 transmission is asymptomatic, with 34% coming from presymptomatic people and 24% from people who never develop symptoms.

After being exposed, the earliest that a person can test positive for COVID is between 24 and 48 hours. This is why we ask you take a rapid test in addition to and after your PCR test.

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