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Dog Sledding & Travel in Alaska

2022 Spring Newsletter

Hello from soggy Fairbanks! And as we say in the North, Happy Green Up! Spring has arrived, with the first rain storms of the season accelerating the already impressive snow melt, as well as giving budding trees with hints of green the encouragement they need to burst into fully fledged leaves. The south-facing dog yard is snow free, but still pretty muddy.

This time of year we are downshifting from the go-go-go of winter to the rest and relaxation that summer affords us. Our seasonal schedule is opposite from the norm, in which people hibernate and drink tea and craft, etc. during winter, but there you go. The dogs need rest, as do their mushers. Each May, the dogs are given at least a month off from running, which usually conveniently lines up with the time of year that the trails are soft and not usable without the risk of ruining them with deep footprints and ATV ruts. Once the trails harden up we will begin Husky Hikes, a fun social activity for the dogs. Training for next season begins in earnest in August (it is usually too hot to start exercising the dogs on the ATV until July or August). Click here to read more about what the Huskies do in the summer. Also on the Spring task list...Straw is raked, sleds are put away, dog houses are repainted, water buckets are reinstalled and filled, and our rain water catchment system is checked and cleaned, and all the things we lost under the snow are found again. Unfortunately this always includes dog poop.

Spring Highlights >>

We (Lisbet & the bulk of the kennel) spent three weeks up in the Alaskan Arctic this April. It was AMAZING. Sun, snow, glacial blues of the Koyukuk River, rugged ridges of Gates of the Arctic National Park, a mammoth tusk sticking out of a bank, bear tracks, wolf tracks, turquoise ice flows, incredible food and hospitality from Arctic Hive, twilight aurora borealis and epic mountain views in every direction were some of the highlights. An absolutely incredible scene. Dates for next year are already up on the website. Register for the waitlist to be the first to be notified when the Brooks Range Basecamp and the Harness Your Power: Women's Mushing Retreat open for booking later this month.

Our partner organization, the Wind River Bear Institute, welcomed three Karelian Bear Dog puppies in early April. SkyDog, Aiviq, and KP will be tested and placed in either pet or working homes over the next couple months. Follow @windriverbearinstitute on Instagram or Facebook for puppy updates. The puppies are 5 weeks old and get cuter (and bigger) by the minute!

In other news, we are excited to announce that ADAC is expanding! Last fall, we purchased the cabin next door and had a soft opening of what we are calling the "Guide House." We held trip orientations and group dinners at the Guide House this winter and hope to open the cabin as an AirBnB later this summer.

Coming soon from Arctic Dog Adventure Co. >>

  • Dates & Pricing for 2023! Sign up for the waitlist of a trip you are interested in to be the first notified when trips open for booking.

  • Trip Recaps from the Past Season's Adventures (wow, where to start!?).

  • A NEW Trip Itinerary for March 2023 ! We are excited about this one, folks!

  • Merch! We've had multiple requests for ADAC gear and you have been heard!

  • Husky Hikes are open for booking, first trips start in July.

We are wishing you all a happy spring! Now is the time to sow the seeds, not only for your garden, but also for next winter's adventures. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests regarding upcoming 2023 adventures!

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