Drive a dog team to a remote aurora viewing camp north of Fairbanks.

Alaska is famed for its wildly romantic landscapes. Picture giant mountains, endless valleys, powerful frozen rivers, sparkling meadows of snow, enchanting forests of birch and spruce – and you and your dog team traveling through it all.


Our destination is our remote northern lights viewing camp, where a three course wilderness dinner will be prepared for you while you watch for swirls of aurora in the inky night sky.

We have handpicked our Aurora Camp for its unobscured northern horizons, providing a dream backdrop for aurora viewing. Our aurora viewing site is private; accessible only by dog team or snowmachine.

Your accommodation for the evening is an Alaskan tent called an Arctic Oven. The Arctic Oven is heated by a small wood stove, lit with twinkle lights, and has ample room for gear and leg stretching. You can even stand up inside! This is Alaskan "glamping" -- a truly comfortable winter camping experience. For those who choose to stay up late, we have our Aurora Tipi, a heated tipi with a cocoa/coffee bar, stove, chairs, and twinkle lights. 

Pricing is all-inclusive. This means it includes travel to and from your hotel to Arctic Dog Adventure Co., meals, snacks, sleeping bags, pads, cold weather gear + accommodations. 


Duration: 2 days, 1 nights. Approximately 30 miles roundtrip.

Price: $1499 per person.

Group size: 4 person minimum; 6 person max. 

Difficulty: Easy to moderate.

Booking: To book online, please fill out the trip registration form. There is a payment option at the end of the form. 

COVID19 Precautions: We require proof of vaccination.


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2 days


✔ Dog mushing lessons

✔ Drive your own dog team

✔ Parka, snow pants, boots, mittens

✔ Cold-weather sleeping bags and pads

✔ Hotel/airport pickup and drop off

✔ Alaskan-inspired meals and snacks

✔ Basic photography instruction

will i drive my own dog team? 

Yes. You will drive and be responsible for your own small team of 4-6 dogs. One sled per person. You are accompanied at all times by a professional dog sledding guide who oversees the whole experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the thrill of driving your own dog team. Before departure, your guide will introduce you to your team and give you a lesson on how to drive the sled. You will learn how to harness a sled dog, and how to slow and stop your team. Your guide drives their own team just ahead of you, keeping an eye on the dogs, the trail, and your progress. You will drive a dog sled the entire two days. You do not have the option of sitting in a basket and riding once you have left the kennel. If you do not want to drive your own dog team, please contact us directly to discuss ride options.



DAY 1: After breakfast at your hotel, you will be picked up at 10 a.m. and brought to Arctic Dog Adventure Co. to meet your new teammates: the dogs! We will go over gear and pack our sleds for departure. After lunch we will don our parkas, have a brief lesson on mushing, hook up our dog teams, and set off! The land to the north of the homestead is pure wilderness: no roads, no railways, just pristine mountains, forest and tundra stretching all the way to the Arctic Ocean. Our route will take us over the north ridge of the Chatanika River Valley. Framed by the rolling foothills of the White Mountains, the Chatanika River runs through a wide valley blanketed with muskeg and black spruce. We will wind through crooked black spruce forests before coming upon our remote aurora camp, situated on the north aspect of a high ridge. We will tie the dogs out, build a fire in the tent and enjoy the pleasure of a hot meal after miles of fresh air on our faces. The Arctic Ovens are warm and comfortable. They are heated by a small wood stove, lit with twinkle lights, and have ample room for gear and leg stretching. You can even stand up inside! This is Alaskan "glamping" -- a truly comfortable winter camping experience. For those who wish to stay up late, we have an Aurora Tipi, outfitted with a warm stove, cocoa/coffee bar, chairs, and a deck of cards. 


Meals: Breakfast on your own. Lunch at Arctic Dog Adventure Co. Dinner at camp.

Accommodations: Wood-stove heated Arctic Oven tent.


Day 2: After breakfast by the crackling wood stove in the main "lodge," we will prepare for the day’s mushing adventure. There is a small drainage that drops down from the ridge to the magical snow laden O'Connor Creek Valley. We will hook up our dogs and mush through a birch forest before dropping down a trail that cuts through a hillside intermixed tundra and white spruce. A long gentle ascent awaits us, with little sweeps and drops in the trail. We mush deep into a winter wonderland, where the trees, protected from the wind that brushes the tops of the ridges, are blanketed with thick layers of white snow. We will stop in a thick black spruce forest deep in the bottom of the valley for lunch and hot drinks before hooking the dogs back up and mushing up through old growth forest and drooping birch branches to the top of the ridge and back to the kennel. After unharnessing and saying "thank you" to your dog team, we will drive you back to town to your accommodations. We will arrive in Fairbanks around 6 p.m. Arrival time is dependent on trail conditions and travel time.

Meals: Breakfast at camp, lunch on the trail, dinner on your own.

Accommodations: You must arrange this yourself this night.

is this trip right for me? 

Are you an adventurous soul?  A dog lover? Do you love winter? Do you want to view the northern lights in a remote private location? Answer yes to any one of these?  Then yes!  This trip might be perfect for you! 

No previous mushing experience is required. We will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable and equipped for your days on the trail. 99% of our clients have never stepped foot on a dog sled before! 

That being said, dog mushing is a physical activity...from harnessing dogs to standing on the sled all day, you will need to be reasonably able-bodied in order to fully enjoy this experience.  We live in the hills, which means it will be necessary to help your dogs when going uphill, which requires some balance and cardio output. If you are hesitant about your ability to manage a dog team, please contact Lisbet & she will guide you through a series of questions designed to evaluate your abilities. You are probably better suited for this than you think. 

If you do not wish to drive a dog sled, please contact us directly to discuss ride options. 


You do not need previous experience with cold weather climates, but you will need to equip yourself with a proper set of winter base layers in order to ensure your comfort and safety. Even though it is spring in Alaska, weather and temperatures can still be harsh and unpredictable. We will provide you with a list of required & suggested gear upon booking -- your comfort is our utmost concern !  For more information, please visit our Trip Planning page

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