Ancient birch trees, dark poplars, and knotted spruce whizz silently by. Fresh air hits your face and you feel the exhilaration of being alive in nature, pulled along by friends as eager to explore the trails as you. You emerge from the forest to the top of a ridge; expansive views of frosted boreal forest surround you as far as the eye can see.

 Where shall we go next ? 


Electric green shimmers in the indigo sky. Sled dogs nest in spruce bough beds while a campfire crackles warmly. Arctic Dog Adventure Co. is located on the cusp of a ridge with vast, panoramic views to the North, far away from the lights of town. Let the dogs and your guide take you on a winter adventure of a lifetime.


Long distance travel assisted by sled dogs.

Sustainable mountain access. Basecamp hauled by dog team. Ski. Snowshoe. Skijor.

Access mountain ranges and pristine nature areas approachable only by non-motorized means of travel. We can get you there.


Out of the office and into the wild. We offer teambuilding adventures that introduceco-workers to each other by way of unique and energizing experiences.

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