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Husky Hiking in the Time of Covid-19

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Happy Spring Everyone!

Green-Up Day hit the Fairbanks region last week. Green-up is a unique northern phenomenon when everything goes from barren to GREEN in one day. Dermot Cole, one of our local journalists did a piece on it, noting "Elsewhere in America the change is a good deal more gradual, but here it’s as if someone flipped a light switch. Hillsides of aspen and birch that were brown on Saturday morning underwent a metamorphosis by Sunday. It would be different if we had dozens of varieties of trees, but these two debut in spring all at once."

Read the rest of the article here:

This week, we are experiencing world record pollen counts, 60 degree days and hard frosts at night. Fun fact: Experienced gardeners never plant before June 1 in the Interior of Alaska. This week is also usually the start of our summer season.

Unfortunately, our summer tours are on hold right now. As of May 15, Alaska is still enforcing a 14 day quarantine on visitors from out of state .The summer tourism industry is essentially shut down. We are following the precautions and health guidelines laid out by the State of Alaska and the CDC, but are being extra cautious with reopening as frankly, we have no idea how to sanitize a husky (nor will we).

We have a tentative opening day of August 1. We will re-evaluate opening two weeks prior to that date and will not be accepting summer bookings until then. Most of Alaska is rural and medical facilities are limited or non-existent. We simply do not have the medical infrastructure in place to save people if a big outbreak of Covid-19 occurs, so Alaskans have to be extra cautious in re-opening to protect our vulnerable populations.

We are hoping the virus will be under control by December 2020, the start of our winter season. We are putting our Winter 2020/2021 tour schedule together and will release it later this month. We are optimistic.

We hope you and yours are staying happy and healthy. If you are stuck in quarantine, check out the Arctic Dog Adventure Co. feature in Tom's of Maine Nature Nurtures Instagram Program. We did a "virtual dog sled ride"-- you can watch it on the Tom's of Maine Instagram :

Green-Up at Arctic Dog Adventure Co.
Hiking in Denali region with Nils and KBDs Soledad & Mardy
Pasque Flowers
A little bear was on the trail between when we left and came back (this is my boot print)

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