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How to Sleep Warm While Winter Camping in Alaska 🔥

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

On some of our multiday day mushing adventures we do some winter camping. This is a great way to experience the fresh air of an Arctic winter night, fully immersed in nature, under the shimmering northern lights.

**These tips are not applicable for our Aurora Overnight Glamping Trips, which utilize tents or cabins that are heated all night long **

What kind of tents do we sleep in? On trips that include a camp, we sleep in Arctic Oven tents heated with a small wood stove. These tents are famous for being 70F inside when it is -40F outside. When the stove dies down overnight (which it will, unless you feed it every hour), it will grow cold inside the tent. It will always be much warmer inside the tent than outside, but we still need to take precautions to ensure a warm and cozy night in your sleeping bag.

Follow these tips to ensure a warm sleep and a good night’s rest.