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COVID-19 Testing Requirements | Arctic Dog Adventure Co.

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Recently we have been receiving a lot of questions regarding our COVID-19 policy & testing requirements. This blog post comprehensibly addresses the most frequently asked questions and outlines our policy in detail. Our COVID-19 policies can also be found on our COVID-19 page: and under our booking terms and conditions :

Our promise to you:

We are fortunate to live in the expansive Far North, where opportunities for fresh air and solitude are readily available. Unfortunately, we cannot eliminate all risk of catching COVID-19 on our trips, but from reducing trip sizes, pre trip testing, and increased sanitation measures, please be assured we are doing our best to operate safely and responsibly. We thank you for your understanding.

Why are your policies so strict when the State of Alaska is not requiring any testing?

Our testing requirement is in place because we have already experienced that pre-flight testing doesn't work. Our team and a group of clients was exposed to Covid and both a guide and a client were ill in January, even with all people 2x vaccinated (most also boosted) and tested negative prior to travel. Pre-travel testing wasn't working well enough. We therefore moved our testing requirement to be post-travel to better prevent any possibility of transmission within the group. It's been working well, and everyone to date has been understanding of this need to protect each other, especially locals who live remote and cannot access health services the same as those in the Lower 48.

What do you require from me before my trip?

We require a negative molecular test (PCR or NAAT) taken AFTER air travel, either in Anchorage or Fairbanks, within 72 hours of the 9:30 am trip start date. This means you will ideally need to arrive in Alaska 2-3 days prior to allow for your testing to take place. Alternatively you can make an appointment with a private clinic for a same day test. We have had good experiences with MedPhysicals Plus in Fairbanks.

If you are participating on one of our Arctic trips (Brooks Range Basecamp or Harness Your Power Retreat), per Arctic Hive request you will need to provide photo proof of a negative rapid test taken the morning of travel to Arctic Hive in addition to your PCR test. ADAC will not provide you with these tests, please come prepared.

What we DON'T accept when you visit us.

We will not accept antigen tests UNLESS you have already contracted COVID-19 and have fully recovered. We will need a letter from a doctor attesting to this and the rapid test will need to be provided by you, taken the morning of your trip.

Please note, the antigen test for the Arctic trips is in addition to a molecular test.

What if I’m fully vaccinated and boosted?

We still require a negative molecular test from you; no exceptions.

What happens if I test positive for Covid-19 before my trip with ADAC?

We encourage you to test in your home town prior to travel to mitigate the chance of arriving in Alaska positive for Covid-19. We advise you to review your travel insurance policy and ensure you're qualified for reimbursement in case of cancellation due to Covid-19 as well as understand our Booking Terms & Conditions.

If you test positive for Covid when testing for our trip, we will cancel your participation due to trip safety concerns. We will issue you a formal cancellation letter that will confirm the credit/refund or fees held as well as what portion is non-refundable. You would then take this letter and use it to submit an insurance claim for any non-refundable amounts.

Do I have to wear a mask on my ADAC trip? Both guides and participants test pre trip, which enables us to create an “Arctic Dog bubble.” There is no masking on the tour unless going into a public space such as grocery store or gas station.

What we RECOMMEND you do before visiting us.

We recommend making an appointment with a local clinic that can provide a rapid PCR/NAAT test with results back in an hour. Free PCR tests via community testing centers are available to the public in Fairbanks as of February 2022, however same day results cannot be guaranteed.

Secure travel insurance as soon as you book!! It is always important to get sufficient travel insurance when you are going on any trip, but now more than ever. We recommend full coverage travel insurance meaning you will get medical, trip cancellation, and cancel for any reason coverage.

Book a flight that arrives in Fairbanks 2-3 days prior to your trip. This allow for flight delays, lost luggage, & testing.

Test in your home community prior to travel. If you don‘t want to quarantine in Fairbanks, or just to feel more secure about your trip, please test prior to your flight.

Where can I find testing locations?

Testing locations can be found at We have had good experiences with MedPhysicals Plus and feel confident in recommending them to our guests.

Useful Resources

Fairbanks, Alaska is a small town and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee testing availability. If you are unable to get a COVID test in time when you arrive you will NOT be permitted to join the trip. The safety of our guests and guides is our biggest priority and we will not be taking the risk you could be positive for COVID-19. No exceptions will be made.

What happens if I already had COVID-19 and am testing positive on tests?

If you tested positive for Covid well before this trip it is possible you might still test positive on PCR tests for weeks to come. We understand. At this time, ADAC will accept: Proof of a positive Covid test AND a doctor's note clearing you for travel AND a negative antigen test, which you will have to provide yourself, via an over-the-counter test or an appointment at a clinic, the morning of your tour.

We ask is you upload these to your traveller portal prior to your trip for our operations team to review. You should also email so we are aware of the situation prior.

If you test positive within 10 days of your trip start date, you will not be permitted to join our tour, and you will not be eligible for credit or refund. We will provide you with a letter to submit to your travel insurance company.

Your COVID-19 checklist before you join us:

  • Prior to arrival in Fairbanks; Visit > to find a local testing site. We recommend doing this as soon as possible after booking a trip with us, especially if you plan on making an appointment with a clinic like MedPhysicals Plus for your test.

  • Upon arrival to Fairbanks, go get tested if your trip is within 72 hours of your arrival. Do not count on a 24-hour turnaround.

  • Ask for a MOLECULAR-based test (PCR or NAAT) test.

  • If participating in the Brooks Range Basecamp or Harness Your Power Retreat make sure you have a rapid antigen test for use the morning of your tour start date

  • Please avoid crowded areas such as indoor dining and hot springs prior to your trip.

  • Upload your Negative test results in your trip app to complete this required task.

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