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Planning a multi-day dog sledding trip in Alaska?

Updated: May 18, 2020

Are you interested in a multi-day dog sledding trip with Arctic Dog Adventure Co. but aren't sure where or when to book your trip? Here are some questions for you to consider:

What kind of accommodations will you be most comfortable with?

Most of our trips utilize Arctic Oven Tents, a roomy and luxurious tent (it's 6'3" at the top), equipped with a small wood stove that turns the space into a cozy and warm retreat from the outside temperatures. These tents are famous for being 80F inside when its -40F outside. The stove will die down overnight, and it will grow cool in the tent, but you will be cozy in the ultra-cold weather sleeping bags we provide. Our multi-day trips into Tolovana Hot Springs and the White Mountains utilize cozy hand-built log cabins in addition to the Arctic Oven. Cabins are the epitome of “rustic luxury.” Spacious and warm, the log cabins we use on our tours are small, with an open floor plan, small kitchen, large wood stove, and bunks and/or a loft large enough to accommodate couples. We also offer a more luxurious lodge to lodge experience that combines two nights of Arctic Oven camping on the approach and return with the main accommodations being private rooms at full-service (i.e. running water) remote Alaskan lodges along the Denali Highway or Iditarod Trail. Our Arctic Trips utilize Arctic Oven tents only.

What area of Alaska would you like to explore?

The ancient ridges of the White Mountains National Recreation Area ? Mystical Interior Alaska rivers, bogs, and hot springs? The stunning mountains of the Denali Region? The mountain-framed landscapes of the Susitna River Region and Iditarod Trail? Or the unbelievably dramatic Arctic tundra and granite spires of the Brooks Range? Each region differs drastically from the other in offerings and landscape. The Interior trips are more technical than the Denali trips or the Susitna trips, which both follow relatively mellow landscapes. Concerned about your abilities? You are probably more suited for this than you think. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we will guide you through a series of questions designed to pinpoint your comfort level.

Early December mushing.

When to visit?

Whether your timing is based on available vacation time, a significant life event, or the hunt for the aurora borealis, we have an incredible tour for you. The dog sledding season in Alaska starts in December and runs through April. The amount, or lack thereof, of daylight is something many do not consider when planning a trip to Alaska in the winter. During the month of December, Fairbanks has only about four hours of daylight. That being said, those four hours are bookended on either side by hours of incredible sunrises and sunsets. The light in Alaska at that time, while brief, is astounding. That, coupled with long nights lit by shimmering aurora, make visiting Alaska in the depth of winter a more appealing prospect than at first thought. The sun comes back in full force in February. The land is still cold, but the hoarfrost glitters in the light and snowfields glimmer as we cross wintery landscapes. By the beginning of March, we have twelve hours of daylight and the hoarfrost only makes a brief appearance before melting under the heat of the spring sun. For aurora hunters, we recommend visiting the White Mountains in December or January. For sightseeing, we recommend dog sledding the Denali Highway in February or March. April is for the Arctic — a musher’s heaven on earth, with endless mountain snowscapes, unlimited trails, ridges dotted with migrating caribou, sixteen hours of daylight, and hot midday sunshine to bask in.

What is your trip budget?

Pricing is all-inclusive; from pick-up to drop-off, we have you covered! Generally, the longer the trip, the more expensive. Trips require a four person minimum to run, but can be bought out if you desire a private tour. We usually cap our trips at six people to control quality of experience. All trips will have you fly into the Fairbanks International Airport, except for the Southcentral trips, for which you’ll fly into Anchorage.

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