Lisbet & Nils operate the Fairbanks branch of the oldest Siberian Husky kennel in the world: Alaskan Kennels. The heart of our operation -- our beautiful sled dogs -- are all AKC registered Siberians. The line of dogs produced by Alaskan Kennels are known as Anadyr Siberians. (Anadyr is pronounced "Anna-deer").

Alaskan Kennels was established in 1947 by Earl & Natalie Norris (Lisbet's grandparents). Earl and Natalie have both since passed and the breeding program has been taken over by their son J.P. Norris and his wife Kari Skogen (Lisbet's parents). For seventy years, the primary focus of the kennel has been to preserve and promote the original function and appearance of the Siberian Husky as a sled dog. Alaskan Kennels has come to be known as the preeminent breeder of working Siberian Huskies, producing dogs that compete successfully in both sprint and distance races, an accomplishment few kennels can claim.

The Norris' are committed to maintaining the workability of the Siberian Husky. They believe that participating in sled dog races, both sprint and distance, is is the best way to benchmark the breed. 


Lisbet has devoted the last 5 years to distance racing. She completed the Iditarod, Alaska's famous 1000-mile sled dog race, in 2014, 2015, and 2016, finishing as the #1 Siberian Husky team in 2015 and 2016. 


Lisbet's father, JP, is a sprint musher whose race season culminates each year at the Fur Rendezvous Open Class Sled Dog Race in Anchorage. Lisbet's mother, Kari, a 2-time veteran of the Iditarod, competes in limited and open-class sprint races. In 2016 she became one of few people in the world to have competed in all three of Alaska's major sled dog races: the Fur Rendezvous, the Open North American, and the Iditarod. 

The main branch of the kennel is located in Willow, Alaska and operated by Lisbet's parents. Puppies, young race dogs, and retirees live there. The young dogs train for the Fur Rendezvous, and the retirees teach the puppies how to be good sled dogs.


The Fairbanks branch of Alaskan Kennels -- the Arctic Dog Adventure Co. crew -- is composed of a mix of Iditarod veterans, Iditarod hopefuls, and retirees; all happy to live the good life socializing with visitors and training for winter expeditions and trips.



Sweet Jenny is one of our most reliable lead dogs. Shy at first, she ends up being a particular favorite of many due to her gentle loving nature.

Age: 7
Siblings: Jasmine, Jet.
Elsa is a big girl, a hard worker, and a very sweet girl that prefers working over making new friends.

Age: 5
Siblings: Anna, Olaf.
Jasmine is a doll. She loves each and every person she meets at first sight.

Age: 7
Siblings: Jenny, Jet.
Winken is one of our smallest girls. She has a hyper personality and a monster appetite for snacks.

Age: 4
Siblings: Nod, Blinken.
Jet. One of our biggest boys, Jet is a gentle giant who loves to give kisses. 2x Iditarod finisher.

Age: 7
Siblings: Jenny, Jasmine
Orro is a super dog with a serious work ethic. Orro loves pets and kibbles but his main drives in life are going faster and further. Iditarod finisher.

Age: 9
Siblings: Mini Lu, Orro.
Wiluna is the goofiest most egregious girl! Full of personality and silly dances, it takes a few days for new people to get to know this side of her. To get the most out of a friendship with Wiluna, we recommend a 3+ day excursion.

Age: 7
Siblings: Rusja
Lovely Oskar looks like a little polar bear cub from the back when trotting down the trail. He is quite shy and his affection feels like the best reward in the world!

Age: 4
Siblings: Mamaboy Oskar was a single pup!
Hilary is a sweet girl who really wants to be friendly but is a little shy about it. She is not very bold when it comes to people, but she dominates any type of trail condition with her sweet disposition and serious work ethic. She and Buff are the lead dogs of the litter.

Age: 7
Siblings: Buff, Bitey, Michele, Barkley
Big boy Buff is a lead dog with a lot of speed and work ethic. He is quite powerful and is very friendly. He has a big bark!

Age 7:
Siblings: Hilary, Michele, Bitey, Barkley.
Mini Lu
Superdog! Tiny Miss MiniLu has been a lead dog in the Open Class Fur Rondezvous Sled Dog Race (sprint) and has also run Iditarod with Lisbet. Her Iditarod EKGs revealed that she has a very large heart, which may attribute to her superior athleticism and super sweetness!

Age: 9
Siblings: Orro, Blackie Lou
Blue Ray
Blue Ray's distinctive low bark sounds like he's been smoking for 50 years, but this young gun is one of our up and coming team dogs.

Age: 4
Siblings: New Ray, Amp, Decibel.
New Ray
New Ray is long, lanky, and always ready to go. Sweet, steady and reliable, New Ray joins his brother Blue Ray as stars in the making.

Age: 4
Siblings: Decibel, Amp, Blue Ray
Barkley loves to bark! He does the silliest paw pounds and head swings as he vocalizes. Very sweet, Barkley loves pets from everyone.

Age: 8
Siblings: Michele, Hilary, Buff, Bitey.
Bitey was very mouthy as a pup. He is one of our bigger boys who, in spite of his name, is very docile and friendly.

Age: 8
Siblings: Michele, Hilary, Buff, Barkley.
Beautiful Rusja loves to talk to you (roooo rooo rooovvv roovv ) and run in lead. She and her sister Wiluna are about the goofiest girls there are. Rusja is quite shy with new people and so charming once she comes out of her shell. We recommend a 3+ day excursion to see this wonderful side of her.

Age: 6
Siblings: Wiluna
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Barkley loves to bark! He does the silliest paw pounds and head swings as he vocalizes. Very sweet, Barkley loves pets from everyone. Age: 8 Siblings: Michele, Hilary, Buff, Bitey.